Do you know ytboob? Very similar to, but with some important differences! Let’s see how is different!

The biggest difference is that ytboob only focuses on collecting youtube videos. This is all well and good, but what about the erotic and special videos on vimeo? Ytboob doesn’t do that! But on supervirgo you can find the most exciting vimeo erotic videos! So offers more than ytboob!

What ytboob does better is that they also store the videos, so if youtube deletes them (and they delete the more extreme videos) you can still watch them on ytboob! That’s definitely an advantage over the supervirgo! But are you sure it is? You can say “of course my friend”, but note that specializes in videos that are really on the borderline, i.e. erotic, but youtube doesn’t delete them! In this, is very different from! It’s a philosophical question!

Which do you think is the better website? Supervirgo versus ytboob. Leave a comment!