G String With Gold Vagina Chain
Miniature Isis Figurine With Gold Teardrop and Stone
Isis, the sister-consort of Osiris and the Egyptian goddess of fertility, motherhood, magic, death, healing and rebirth, is recreated in Body Body’s breathtaking figurine showing the winged poised on top of a amber gem. She seems to rise from her seated position and in the midst of spreading her awe inspiring wings. Beneath the amber stone hangs a 24 carat gold plated droplet. Your labia are framed with a gold chain. This gorgeous work of art is held in place with a soft black elastic g string attached to a black and gold Egyptian scarab charm cunningly placed above you anal opening. The gold teardrop hangs loose to strike, caress and thrill your shivering clitoris. Isis sets your pubes on fire with a river of gold. This is clit jewelry at its finest.

1 micron of 16 carat gold plate finished with 9 microns of 24 carat gold plate. Soft stretch cotton elastic for perfect positioning and adjustable fit. Black enamel and amber colored stone. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, & XXL. Painless. Hypoallergenic. Artist designed and hand crafted in Paris. Free shipping.