What inspired you to create the video?

I was surrounded by amazing nature and beautiful women. It all happened naturally. As a model, when I work in such a beautiful natural setting, in my mind I try to blend in the landscape, fill in the composition, imitate the curves of a tree, or angles of a stone. To me, it happens on a very intuitive level. I just let myself be natural and connect with the surroundings. Then I feel like I belong, like I am part of this rock, part of this planet, part of this universe. My moves become smooth and organic as a continuation of nature around me. It is an incredible spiritual experience and that is what I was trying to capture in my video.

Is there something you want (or hope) for the viewer to experience when they watch it?

I hope that the viewer sees what I see in it: beautiful humans in a most natural state, moving in sync with beautiful nature.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the sexualization of the female figure in art. Do you think of this video as exploitive?

I don’t see it that way. Unfortunately there is this stigma in society, that nudity is indecent. That’s where sexualization and objectification of female body takes place. Although I do find it very sensual, the nudity in this video seems very natural to me. It is not only about nudity, or sensuality, even though it is a big part of it, it is also about harmony, sensibility and the connection of a woman with nature. I don’t understand how people of even the most puritan views, see it as indecent.

As a woman, how do you feel about feminine sexuality as a subject in works of art? And in this video?

Sex is a part of our life. Our sexuality is what makes us who we are. Feminine sexuality is what has been inspiring artists all over the world from the beginning of time. It is something compelling to the viewer on a very instinctive level.

But that’s also why I think it is often abused by those artists who have nothing else to say. In my opinion, an artist should work with this subject with caution and responsibility. Sexuality is just an aspect, that by no means should be oppressed, but there is more to a woman.

As a model, how is it for you to be the subject of works of art from great photographers around the world?

It’s been a great ride and a true blessing. Most importantly, it taught me to accept myself and find peace with my fears or insecurities. It’s also amazing to watch different artists at work, as all of them have their own ways of doing things.

How do you feel about the expression of your own sexuality in the images you appear in?

My sexuality is a part of who I am and I don’t want to separate it from myself. I enjoy every aspect of my femininity and am very confident in my body. But I prefer to create images that are not just about my sexy-ness. Yes, I am a woman, I am sexual, I am sensual, I have breasts and hips, I am a carrier of all those features that can be taken and separated from me, and objectified for the viewer’s pleasure. But firstly, I am a human. We should learn to see a human, a unique wholeness of features, and feelings, and experiences, behind every woman, no matter how she decides to express herself in her life. That’s what my own photography is about, it’s about humans. Even though, most of my models so far have been females, the gender doesn’t matter to me that much. That is why to me feminism is, first of all, humanism.

What’s the most rewarding thing for you about art modeling?

Traveling and working with amazing creative people.

What’s the most rewarding thing for you about your photography?

Getting in touch with who I really am and what I find inspiring and beautiful. Not just as a subject for someone else’s art, but as an independent creative person. Since I started my own photography I changed a lot inside.

If there was a message in your modeling or in your art, maybe something that you want for the viewer or the world in general … what would that be?

I was to wish something to the reader I would say: accept yourself and everything around you. Be kind. Breath in, breath out. Your life is your main piece of art, and every decision you make is a stroke. Live passionately, but wisely.

Anastasia Kole is an international art model and a photographer. She has collaborated with numerous respected artists worldwide, participated in educational workshops, and her work has been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries. Anastasia splits her time between Europe and North America with New York, San Francisco, Milan and Kiev as her primary cities.