Two women are far out in the woods. They are not wearing any clothes. And they have no plans to put clothes back on. Ever.

A Blue Tit collaboration featuring Amia Miang & Pernille Koch.

The film has been presented by:
KØN (Gender Museum Denmark) 2019
Galleri Marie Kirkegaard 2016
Festival International Signes de Nuit (Paris) 2015
Omovies – International Festival of Cinema Gay and Questioning (Naples) 2016
Noida International Filmfestival (Delhi) 2016
Second most screened film on Ekko Shortlist and nominated for 3 Ekko Film Awards 2017
Danish Naturist Association 2017
Festival for Nordic Dance at Chaillot, Theatre National de la danse (Paris), 2018
Casting a Shadow Wherever We Stand vol. 2 (NL) 2019
SWOP performance festival 2022