Nicole Vaunt is highly talented and a inspiration to creative videographers/photographers alike. To us she is more than just a model, she is a creative artist with great talents that equal her posing skills. She has a photographic educational background so understands a lot of the technical challenges and practice behind and in front of the camera. Just being around her, working with her inspires one to work harder and think better. She inspired me to move the camera better and concentrate on the task of capturing a incredibly talented model. Working with Nicole was a learning curve for us and she has helped us raise our game. We have lots to learn but are enjoying this journey. We really respect the work, time and dedication that Nicole has put into her modelling work from make up, wardrobe choice to modelling performance itself. We really do appreciate that these skills do not come overnight and come with effort and experience. She is very easy to work with and follows direction very well. Our dream is to work with her again on some really creative projects with a larger production team. Our first shoot with her was just a experiment and she more than met our expectations. it was our first time in the USA and we got caught out by the currency exchange rate drop, loosing loads of dollars and a Luggage nightmare at the airport with overweight suitcases. Life is a learning curve. And we will be better prepared next time. We hope all is well with Nicole and wish to work with her again. Tony & Laura

Note! This is the low quality compressed MP4 version. A high Quality 1080p version will be available soon.