PLEASE NOTE: We chose to show this clip without clothing to show the effects and involuntary muscle responses as I pour energy through the root chakra, direct it up and allow it to expel through her crown.

realize your truth — become a shaktipat energy healer

Shaktipat (Sanskrit, from sakti (“(psychic) energy”) and pāta (“to fall”)) refers to the conferring of spiritual “energy” upon one person by another. Shaktipat can be transmitted by a look, thought or touch

There is a universal Energy sustaining all things. This energy is directed through the body’s Chakras into cellular memory, allowing healing to occur at the deepest level. Elet transmutes this divine energy into others, healing physical ailments, releasing emotional trauma and awakening God-consciousness.

Elet Elan intuitively discovered the power of Vibrational healing through meditation in 1996 and spent the next 15 years honing his ability on a mystic journey though Asia, learning traditional Krishnamacharya Yoga, Thailand Nuad BoRarn Massage, India Ayurveda, and Tibetan Tantric Therapy, like so many languages uttering “peace.” Returning to the States he has married Spiritual Guidance with Therapeutic Touch and his Vibrational Hand Healing, derived from the ancient art of laying-on of hands. All of your past programming and energetic blocks are uprooted and released. The results are a life changing, transcending who you are.

You may contact Elet Elan directly by email: [email protected]