Katalina Mella + Sergio Patricio

Stadt Oper Santiago de Chile 2012

Dance and science performance. Based on quantum physics’s topics, revolves around the idea of variabilities and probabilities of usage of a site specific location, in this case the Stadt Oper Salon.
The performance was shared in “here and now” composition in front of the beholders following structures amplified on space-time between the performers. three central concepts: Eden, micro structures of movements ( as a GIF movements to became to infinite repetition). 20 dancers performed for 40 min. The whole concept behind is a concert of bodies, the aim was looked at the connections and relationships between one another performer, with the rest as a group, but also with the audience.

Concept and experience design:
Kata Mella + Sergio Patricio

Performed by: Luis Acevedo, Macarena Astudillo, Guillermo Becar, Andrés Cárdenas, Julio Cerda, Rodrigo Chaverini, Francisca Crisóstomo, Isabel Croxatto, David Deflores, Betania Gonzalez, Nuri Gutes, Raúl Lagos, Alexandra Mabes, Paula Montecinos, Pedro Paiva, Sebastán Ruiz, Alvaro Sanhueza, Lisette Schwerter, Jorge Tieffenberg, Vannia Villagrán, Kata Mella and Sergio Patricio.

Video edition and film: Ignacio Olivares Sáez