This nude model goes by Pure Rebel. She is a very peasant and professional model to work with. In hind sight I wish I had spent more time capturing this video, but I felt a bit rushed and wanted to start capturing stills in my allotted 15 minutes with her, which they can be found on my profile:

This video was shot with a Nikon D7000 resting on a tripod. Also there’s some longer videos of her in the studio on La Zona’s profile here, so if you want to see more of her check it out. She also has a youtube channel. Her Model Mayhem profile: She also has a Patreon account:

She has a great petite body. One of the best I’ve seen, and as you can see she’s none too shy. A real Pro. I was probably more nervous that she was. She traveled down from Seattle to model for us here in Beaverton, OR. She said she also teaches other models on how to pose, and runs some group photos shoots in her area. I attended this group shoot with 10 other photographers and 6 models on 3/17/13 at a new photo studio run by Rick Dodele in Beaverton, Oregon. He brought in 6 models for a 3 hour shoot and manage things. It was very well organized where we teamed up with another photographer and switched between 5 different setups every 15 minutes, which was very good pacing. I came home with 1,765 images, but about 100 of them were underexposed from the strobes not having time to recharge from the last blast, but not bad considering. Everyone involved was very nice and polite. It was a wonderful atmosphere. I cannot imagine this shoot being managed any better.