On Set with Emma – A Three Part Series

On Set with Emma is something of an experiment for RCG Films. Having filmed the beautiful actress Emma Sirus in a variety of modes, all involving one of my favorite garment fabrics – cheesecloth – not as an art film as is our usual style, but rather as an exercise in cinema verité. Not exactly behind-the-scenes or backstage, rather an in-your-face view of the filming as it happend.

Here, we present raw, unedited footage from the session as it happened. Gone are the art film techniques. What we see is exactly what happened during filming. We hear the banter between director RCGraylyn and Emma, and in a nod to the film technique of Italian director Tinto Brass, Graylyn makes several cameo appearances as a scene stylist.

In Part 1, Emma is asked to present herself as a feminist powerhouse, exhibiting confidence and empowerment for women. In this mode, she rocks it for feminists.

Part 2 switches gears a bit. In this film, the audience is not women, but men. Emma is asked to seduce her male audience with both facial expressions and body geometry (poses).

In Part 3, Emma really cuts loose. She has thrown caution to the wind and is a full-on seductress of both women and men. Her naturally erotic nature is front-and-center as she explores the Garden of Eden between her legs, leaving nothing held back.

To view the entire series (with surprises in each film), visit https://bentbox.co/rcgraylyn.