Ready for a steamy try on haul video with Elle? Hit play and watch her try on daring, sultry and devastatingly sexy Microminimus bikinis. Then, go and find your favorite styles here:

Elle loves to show off her curves at the beach. Which means the smaller the bikini, the better! That’s why she’s obsessed with the sexy Microminimus pieces that she try on in this video.

First up, Elle wears the extra naughty Blossom Lace one piece bikini. Elle loves this unique swimsuit. Gorgeous intricate lace? Check. Sheer even before you get it wet? Check. Sexy as hell? Check. Check. Check. Show off what you got wearing the Blossom Lace bikini range here:

Elle’s pro tip? The Blossom Lace range can also double as sexy lingerie! Find your perfect set here:

What you wear directly affects your mood, and the second Elle slips into the sexy Island Dream Bikini she feels extra flirty and fun. Plus, she loves the high quality fabric and minimal coverage of this limited edition bikini here:

Free your mind to wander to naughtier places. ‘Cause that’s what happens when you get away from it all and slip into a bikini that makes you feel smoking hot from head to toe… You can’t help but get all kinds of sexy ideas in your mind! That’s exactly how you’ll feel once you put on the Island Dream bikini. Get yours here:

Mesh is for the risqué, and Elle knows how to slay in the Microminimus Micro Mesh Top and Skirt! She loves the great quality mesh, and that it’s 100% see-through, of course. This range is guaranteed to be extra: extra sheer, extra sexy and extra powerful. Just like YOU! Find it here:

Which Microminimus style was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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