Reportage about my Artist in Residency for the MANDRAKE AIR program, at the boutique hotel THE MANDRAKE, in Center of London.
Text by Natasha HALL
Arriving in the heavenly space of the Mandrake Hotel, the visitor was slightly startled to be surrounded by beautiful models enjoying an atmosphere of decadence and indulgence in complete seclusion. In an exclusive interview with IRK Magazine, the artist Iris Brosch explored in depth the inspiration behind the presentation, the differences in her approach to creative and commercial work, and provided a unique glimpse into the creative process of an artist inspired by the Renaissance, to celebrate the human form from a contemporary perspective.
The artist Iris Brosch organised, participated in and photographically documented her presentation symbiotically, all at the same time in the performance at the Mandrake hotel. The artist was extremely busy whilst she skilfully interacted with both the space and the participants in what could be interpreted to be an inspirational presentation in celebration of the human form.
The idea of bringing together, co-ordinating, and the fluidity of roles of the artist alongside the participants. Iris Brosch symbiotically worked alongside the makeup artists, snake handler, florist, musicians and photographers, seamlessly interweaving the participants with the organisers.
It was as if even the normal levels of authority and control were being questioned. The artist as a participant as well as an organiser and as an observer through the lens of her camera, documenting the event:

‘my role like an artist is to merge all the energy of model, teams and location into a tableaux vivant; a final live painting. My commercial background of 25 years of production experience helps a lot to let go of all kinds of hierarchy and control, to break the rigid production structures so that myself and my team are working on an equal level, everybody is important and has something beautiful to bring into the life painting. I think that we are all human beings and all artists in one way or another. I know that I am at my best when I am not dominated by anything and I am just in the flow and am being fluently myself. So as I know how it feels for myself, to be just on the top of myself, to do whatever I feel. Equality with no control brings out the best of each of us and together we paint a images full of emotion and feelings’. Iris Brosch 2018