Here is a video from high tide yesterday! Check out my Instagram for self-portraits I took today!

This is the most healing place for me that I’ve been to on this planet, during this lifetime. I’ve been coming here since I was a baby. Every year is different, challenging in new ways, yet so familiar, always the same — silent and healing. Seaweed, salt, sun, rocks. So grateful for this special place, time with my self, my family, and most importantly, Mother Earth. I came here alone a few days ago filled with fear and anxiety… of what? I have no idea. I think it’s all the change. Too much time in the city. As much as I feel close to nature, it still feels so foreign to me lately. No light at night but the stars, no electricity or running water except for the ocean, spring and rain. I always feel like running away, but I don’t know what I’m running from. Here, everything is present, real, obvious, inherent. Nature is the finest mirror, it is so easy to see that I’m always simply running from myself, my mind, trapped in time… yet Time is the only thing that can heal, in addition to the sea, sweat, sun and tears. Eternally grateful for this time and opportunity. I pray for more time like this and places like this, for myself, my family, and the whole world. We need nature. We need reality. Sunlight, stars, moonlight, disconnection from technology. Why is this so hard to come by? I hope and pray that I can offer this to others someday, even if just for a day. We need this shock. We need to be shocked back into the earth, connecting with our ancestors, the dirt, the rocks, R E A L I T Y. Life, existence, the way god and the universe and the fairies intended.