Kenna James works it real, real good in this racy set from photographer Allen Henson. She may hail from the Midwest, but don’t mistake Kenna for a corn-fed goody-two-shoes—this petite blonde is one hundred percent her own woman, and she’s proud to be here on Playboy Plus. “I had a rough upbringing,” admits Kenna. “Back in those days, I had no idea that I was pretty. I didn’t figure that out until I left home. Nowadays, I’m very happy with what God has given me. I’d say my best assets are my legs, butt and eyes.” Seen here in a pair of knee-high boots, the aforementioned legs are getting quite the workout, and Kenna doesn’t mind one bit. “I have long, shapely legs,” she says, pleased. “My butt is round and very firm, and my eyes are constantly changing. Actually, eyes are one of my biggest turn-ons—no matter what color they are, there’s always a special spark.” Get going with the gorgeous Kenna James, right here on Playboy Plus.