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In a landscape of ruined nature and technological relics, a community of semi-human figures lives a primal and stern existence. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, left to its own devices, feeds on the biodata of the human bodies as it tries to learn a meaningless sequence of numbers. It is a garden out of time, or perhaps, it is a garden within the fold of our times.

Inundating the space is a dogged, hypnotic stream of sound and light: the calculations of the AI turned into perceivable material. Thus, by dictating brightness or darkness, rhythm or stasis, the AI marks out the figures’ lives. It is computational “brute force” hammering the senses.

As in a symbiosis, both the algorithm and the figures are stuck in an ever-changing loop. It counts, they worship, they touch, they sense. It counts, they worship, they touch, they hurt, it counts, they sense, they hate. It counts, they worship, they touch, they sense, it counts, they isolate, they hate, they attack.

Humane Methods [ΔNFANG] is a production by Fronte Vacuo (Donnarumma, Pevere, Familari).

Co-produced by Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains (FR) and Romaeuropa Festival (IT). With scientific institutional partners Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI) at University Paris-Saclay. Supported by PACT Zollverein.

“A power and rigour that always bring attention back to the present in which we live.”
Angelo Di Bello, Arshake

Photo @ Piero Tauro, Romaeuropa Festival