This is the second staging of my ‘Growing Roots’ performance, the first having been at LifeArt Stockwell in January 2020. It focuses on the Slimelight / Soho / Old Street era of my youth.

I was unsure whether this show could go ahead due to the coronavirus outbreak, but I really wanted to do it as I’d been working on the script for months and knew it wouldn’t work as well online from my living room. We were still 5 days from a total lockdown and felt the space at Candid Arts could safely accommodate a small socially-distanced audience.

Back in the 90s, when I was immersed in an alternative clubbing lifestyle, we lived like the end of the world was imminent. Staying true to that spirit, I knew I had to go ahead if at all possible. I’m pleased I did, and grateful to those who came to watch and support.

It’s not a perfect performance but, against a scary apocalyptic backdrop, I feel there are some moments of real magic. Please enjoy, and I hope my intent in sharing these intimate parts of my story is received well.

At times my voice is less clear over the music, so I created subtitles (in English) you can add (click ‘CC’).

This film is free to watch but if you would like to make a donation towards my work as an artist, that is highly appreciated. The performance was self-funded and I am sharing a very personal part of my life –