We know how to make a quality Brazilian hair removal in just 10 minutes and we will TEACH YOU
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OxiSecret depilation sugar paste with Aloe Vera classic is recommended for sensitive skin areas which have elevated body temperature, e.g. armpits and intimate parts.🌸

OxiSecret depilation sugar paste with Aloe Vera classic is has a thick texture and does not melt that much. This product is suitable for beginners. It is suitable for removing hard and stubborn hairs. Does not contain artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives, SLS or silicone oils.🍃

OxiSecret sugar paste removes only the hair and dead skin cells, healthy skin cells are not disturbed. It also exfoliates your skin removing dead skin cells. Sugaring prevents ingrown hairs and the result lasts much longer than after waxing.

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You will appreciate the advantages of sugar paste especially when depilating sensitive intimate areas. Brazilian hair removal is relatively more painful than razor shaving, but on the other hand you will have almost a month of peace.

But for the first time, be sure to entrust yourself to experts, because intimate parts are really very sensitive. With the gradual repetition, the hairs thin out and then you will not even feel that they are tearing out.