So, as subscribers may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been uploading the type of content that I used to. For a while I was dating someone & I stopped posting work. This is a long-form eating performance piece that I shot during that time period (but didn’t upload), inspired by my ex Galen Howard’s performance in Weezer’s “Thank God for Girls” (lyric video). [You can read my article on that relationship here:] It was one video in a series of videos that responded to other work of his. Unlike my other work, in reply to criticism concerning my rapid editing style, these videos have minimal editing and are comprised of very long takes so that the viewer can actually get a sense of the performance and let their eyes linger on my body. The piece was created for another platform, but I never uploaded it there, either…. This was the original description:
“Model Danica Darling was dealing with rejection from some hot Hollywood trash tonight, so what did she do? Why eat her feelings, of course! Watch as our favorite tattooed femme cleans out her fridge and binge eats Mexican food, Chinese leftovers, a large fountain soda, chocolate ice cream, sour candy, and smokes a chocolate Swisher as she attempts to soothe her pain with food. Spend almost 20 minutes with this sad cutie as she eats comfort food to the beat of a hipster playlist. It’s as close as you’ll come to having your own angry inked babe glare at you over dinner. Pull up a chair and share this meal with her, hon. Forget a g**gbang, let’s mukbang.” Now that Galen & I have broken up, this description is a sadly accurate reading of how I spend a lot of my time.
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