Educational video (with audio) made by an IBCLC, describing
the proper technique for breast milk hand expression.

Warning: This video contains partial nudity – for educational
purposes. Please exercise discretion.

Video Tutorial for Breast Milk Hand Expression.

Made by Ferdi Rosello & Paula I. Laria-Rosello for Breast
Time of Life.
Breastfeeding is essential to the life of a human being

The term ‘Hand expression’ means using one’s hands to obtain the milk.

‘Hand expression should be in every lactatingimagesCAQB0HE0 woman’s repertory of skills. A woman can forget the hand or personal pump at home, or a power failure may render her electric pump useless, but hands are always readily available. Contrary to popular belief that hand expression is time consuming ‘it is a skill that simply needs to be acquired. Hand expression costs nothing and is a skill that can be mastered with only a little practice’…. (Breastfeeding the Newborn. Biancuzzo)

Hand Expression: Is a workable option for almost every mother that is learning how to remove breast milk from her breast for different reasons, since it provides a mother with a way to relieve fullness or express her milk for her baby in any situation; some mothers prefer hand expression to using a pump because it feels more natural.

The feel of skin to skin may be more effective at stimulating a let-down or milk ejection reflex for some mothers than the feel of a plastic pump flange.

Once the technique is mastered, hand expression is convenient – nothing to purchase, wear out, break down, wash, store or transport. Once a mother acquires practice, hand expression can be quick and highly effective.

(The Breastfeeding Answer Book. LLLI)

It is a well-known fact that by combining Breast massage and Hand expression, results can be seen faster and in greater quantity.

Breast massage: whether planning to manually express or mechanically pump, preparing the breast for ejecting the milk facilitates the process.

The release of oxytocin and the ejection reflex are stimulated by external stimuli: a baby’s cry, a picture of the baby, or gentle handling of the breast (massage). Prolactin release and milk production are stimulated by suckling stimulation. Let down functions automatically with time and practice. (Bf guide for medical profession. Ruth Lawrence & Robert Lawrence)

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