This is a short video of some full chest and breast massage with one of my licensed massage therapists as my client. I hope that it gives you an idea of how the chest and breast can be incorporated into a therapeutic massage if it is included in your local scope of practice.

There are 3 important things I want to say about full chest and breast massage right at the start.

First: I am fortunate enough to practice in a state that recognizes the medical and therapeutic importance of working on and around the breast tissue of both male and female clients, so the work is within my scope of practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington State.

Second: I only do full chest and breast massage on clients only after getting their fully informed consent (veral and in writing) and then only in the specific manner that we have agreed upon prior to the massage.

Third: Breast massage is not always/only specifically about the breasts or breast tissue. There are numerous holistic and medically therapeutic reasons to massage your clients breasts and related tissue but I believe that just having the freedom to work on and around my client’s chest and breast tissue allows me to work much more freely and effectively on the entire upper thoracic region.

At this point I usually launch into some important disclaimers, but I put them at the end of this video and you can read them there. The most important disclaimer or thing that I think you should be aware of is that there can be a lot of emotional, intimacy, sex and trauma related issues that can arise when working on your clients full chest and breasts both for you and your client. My personal suggestion is to not do this work on a client until and unless you are prepared to handle these issues professionally, elegantly and within your scope of practice. Which, I personally believe, also means that you (and I) should make sure that we have worked through any issues that we might have in these areas before we do this work. If you have any questions about any of this as a practitioner or receiver I am always happy to talk with you, just reach out.

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