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Breast Augmentation Double Bubble Correction – CALL 734.913.5100 |

Shoelace technique is utilized to correct a double-bubble or an asymmetry. The shoelace is used to set the breast crease in a new position at or slightly above the preferred position. It is necessary for the shoelace to be tight so that the implant does not sneak below the lace. This will support the new inframammary crease or fold.

Hi I’m Dr. Malhortra, a plastic surgeon in Ann Arbor Michigan. Welcome to Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery. We’ve been in practice for ten years. What really motivated me to start this practice was two things. We wanted to emphasize natural-looking results and quick recovery technique. Check out our videos and website to learn more about our services!

Yours in health and happiness,

Dr. Pramit Malhotra

Breast Augmentation Double Bubble Correction- CALL 734.913.5100 – annarborplasticsurgery

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