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The try on gang is back with a SEXY LINGERIE TEDDY BODYSUITS TRY ON HAUL! This episode features CAITLYN SWAY with returning guest models KITTENWITHFANGS & STEPH_IN_SPACE trying on brand new SHEER LACE BODYSUITS from ROMWE AND SHEIN. I just love a good Romwe try on haul, don’t you? Or is it Shein? Who can keep up? (It’s the same company anyway, ya know.) Anyway, their stuff is EXTREMELY CHEAP and LIABLE TO FALL APART but we love a gamble so we rolled the dice yet again for this try on video. It was not a complete disaster! Considering these were all lacy delicate lingerie items, it’s a miracle only one bodysuit had pre-existing damage. Two more lace teddy bodysuits ripped during filming, so make of that what you will. We all tried on SIZE SMALL BODYSUITS today.

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