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Dolmen woman

Dolmen woman body painting

Dolmen woman portraits

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Seven years ago I have had contact with a model who lives in the north of The Netherlands.
I wanted to photograph her on and beside the huge dolmen stones which are stapled there.
The dolmen (hunebed in Dutch) stones are so big and heavy that people used to believe they had been built by giants. These days we know better. Some 3000 years BC, members of the Funnel Beaker Culture built these gigantic structures to bury their dead. Each passage grave is a tomb made from enormous, solid stones. The stones were left behind after the penultimate ice age and weigh up to 40 tons each.
Nevertheless, the climate of The Netherlands is mostly very unexpected and it was difficult to make a plan on a long term.
Now we have finally a long period of good weather. The model from years ago was not healthy enough for this aim now. Therefore I took model Luna Lopez with me and we executed two artistic sessions: artistic nude session and body-painting session after each other.
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