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Archaeologies of Pleasure addresses sexuality as a process of expanding body pleasure, whose main function is the regulation of the systems that make up our bodies, as well as the social relationship between human beings. In an intimate and immersive way, this choreographic piece wishes to take the viewer to the infinite worlds that the body, in its mystery and complexity, can express through the language of pleasure.

Like our Neolithic congeners and their lifestyles based on self-regulation, sexual pleasure is understood to have its main function not to promote reproduction but to regulate the different systems that make up our bodies (molecular, plasmatic, cellular, tissues, organs, etc.). organ systems, etc.), as well as the social relationship between human beings. So that it manifests itself in the bodies, as Casilda Rodrígañez says: “its original substance: the feeling, the desire for well-being and the libido”.

The expansion of pleasure in the body is related to the establishment of the unison rhythm of synergistic functioning of all body systems, without which the body could not function as a whole.