⚠Disclaimer of Community Guidelines: This video was created for educational purposes only. This video & thumbnail does not violate YouTube community guidelines as it is educational. This video is about gynecological testing & This is an educational video. It will help Medical students know the test. Therefore, it cannot violate nudity or sex. There is no need to make any strikes for YouTube community guidelines. Please review the content with the gynecologist, who will demonstrate the video, that it is educational.

EDUCATIONAL DEMO PLEASE NOTE: This is an educational demonstration illustrating the procedure used to safely lighten skin around the anus (anal bleaching.) This video includes footage of an actual anal bleaching procedure and is unedited, sensitive viewers may wish to not view it.The demonstration uses South Beach Solutions anal bleach products available on our website http://www.waxhairremovalbar.com. This video is designed to illustrate a commonly misunderstood MEDICAL and BEAUTY procedure available in our salons. Please do LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you find this video to be helpful. MODEL: Alexis Monroe