Absolution is a movie that was shot in the 2013-2014.  It was originally called Three Dimensions of Reality and was intended to be an S&M Alice in Wonderland.  Absolution is the act of forgiving someone for having done something wrong or sinful.  Part Three was produced by myself and my assistant director. We had the help of an entire crew. This is why it has the most cinematic look of all the parts. There were different/HD camera’s used in some scenes as opposed to the standard definition feel of Part One. The focus here is on Alice trying to repair her fractured psyche and reclaim herself.


Absolution is a psychological portrait of Alice.  It explores the possible links of childhood trauma in direct relationship to dissociative personality and a compulsion like response to participating in sadomasochistic BDSM.  The movie incorporates concepts first developed by psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.  It mixes dreams with reality in an attempt to explore an active realm of the main characters (Alice’s) psyche.  It is a journey through her mind as well as her thoughts and feelings.


We would like for people who have experienced difficulties or experiences that were overwhelming as young people to see a unique way that one individual went through process of finding herself and getting through it and coming out of the other side a more whole and integrated person who can then choose what kind of sexuality and life they want to embrace and express.

If you can integrate and express those feelings then you may not have the addiction and the compulsions that you have to do bad things or do things that are negative to your self and others.  You do not have to self-destruct.  You can live with your pain and express it in a different way.

Directed by Anthony Red @anthonyredconceptual on instagram

Model/Actress: Clockwork Calamity 

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