2 Step Med Spa Butt Strip Lightening Treatment (How To)
Courtesy of Eva Taub Skincare in Miami ( and S. Atlanta ( and founder of Skin Renewal Method ( The skin care industry often takes advantage of consumers with gimmick advertising preying on your emotions. To achieve skin lightening between the buttocks (along the strip area) in my professional experience there are two steps: 1. Laser hair removal, followed by 2. A skin lightening product line which DOES NOT contain hydroquinone. Neither steps is a one time treatment. In fact, you will need multiple treatments. But this is the most effective and proper way to achieve a lighter pigmented area in this or any other intimate region. I hope this video has provided you with some value. Please LIKE my video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Please feel free to ask me any skincare question you have below in the comment section or via email at [email protected] .com. Wishing you best of health! – 🌹 Eva.